【We are calling for supporters of the petition from all over the world for the realization of world peace!】

Dear 8 billion people on earth!

Please sign the petition at the URL below and help us to realize a world without killing and violence as soon as possible.



【We are calling for supporters of the petition from all over the world for the realization of world peace!】 Dear 8 billion people on earth! Please sign the petition at the URL below and help us to realize a world without killing and violence as soon as possible. https://voice.charity/events/608

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作成者:NPO Gentle Earth



We hope that you will support the purpose of the Hiroshima World Peace Concert and help us to deliver our message to the parties involved in the conflict and to the world.



In response to the recent clashes between Palestine (Hamas) and Israel and other conflicts around the world, we demand an immediate end to the bloodshed!


I, like many of you, have been tormented by the news that precious human lives are being trampled upon again so easily by the terrorist acts and kidnappings of Hamas and the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in response to them.

While Putin's brutal acts of violence against Ukraine have not ended, another catastrophe has occurred to shake the world, and we are again moving far away from building world peace.

A strong message and action must be taken from Japan, the only country to have experienced atomic bombings and a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, to immediately stop the killing and violence.

To those involved in the conflict and to the world's 8 billion people!

No conflict can be resolved by people killing people.

Hate and resentment will remain, and it will continue forever as the spark of conflict will never be extinguished.

We want to hand our children a peaceful and happy future, don't we?

Can you bear to see our fellow neighbors, including our children, crying and screaming?


Immediately stop the murderous acts!

Stop the acts of violence!

Resolve everything through discussion!

Isn't this the only way for humanity to grow?

There is no winner in the act of killing each other.

Those who immediately stop killing and violence and choose to resolve issues through discussion alone will be the true winners, the next generation of human beings who have raised their spirituality to the next level.

Please have the courage to stop killing and violence!

Once again, to the leaders of the countries and organizations at the time of the conflict!

Please listen to the message from Hiroshima, which knows the suffering of hell!

Stop the killing and violence and the world will praise you!

Deep in our hearts, we all want a tomorrow without killing and violence and with smiles on children's faces.

I beg you to stay calm and break the cycle of resentment and hatred in our generation!

Then a wonderful and happy world will surely begin from tomorrow!

Let us adults take action now!

Please stop the killing and violence immediately!

Don't hate others, ethnic groups, and one other!

What we must hate is murder and violence!

Stop killing each other immediately!

Let us speak out against it first!

All peoples, all religions, all human beings must stop killing each other now, and never again! Never again! This one goal must be achieved with the combined efforts of 8 billion people!

■Hiroshima World Peace Concert

We are going to hold a free live concert and distribution from Hiroshima (in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome) on November 26th to appeal to the Middle East and the world to immediately stop the killing each other. We will show our strong will for building peace from Hiroshima, by streaming live music and messages from musicians who strongly desire peace, as well as prayers and messages for peace from bishops and other religious leaders from the conflict areas. We believe that we have entered an era when humanity can have a spirituality of great kindness, where people do not kill, violence is rejected, and everything can be resolved through discussion! We must strive to accelerate our efforts! It is time for each of us to fulfill our responsibility as one of the 8 billion pieces of the puzzle of world peace! Musician Hiroshima Peace Culture Ambassador Shinji Harada URL


Sunday, November 26, 2023 14:00~16:00 Place: Peace Memorial Park Plaza near the Peace Bell Performers ○Musicians Shinji Harada Mebius 23℃ Cafe (Hisae, Kitao) Takashi Okita ○Religious Leaders Muslim Bishop Jewish bishop Buddhist priest Supported by Hiroshima City Hiroshima City Board of Education ◆Free Live & Streaming

The direction for uses of the yell

・Miscellaneous expenses about · sound, a musical instrument rental, a delivery apparatus, the live including the operator and the delivery

・Fryer print costs, advertising expense to the domestic and foreign media

・Moving transportation expenses, hotel charges (as for the performer, volunteer) of a performer and the staff

・I allot it for other activity costs and sundry expenses. I appreciate your feeling heartily. As the contribution is arbitrary, I do not mind even that I have only a signature at all. Still I appreciate a feeling if you can do it and receive it very gratefully. In addition, I hope to accomplish it with more responsibility till the last not to waste your feeling.


In October 1977, at the age of 18, he made his debut with the song, "Teen's Blues".

He released "Candy" and "Shadow Boxer"  in three consecutive months. 

All three singles reached the top 10 on numerous charts at the same time, and his first album "Feel Happy" became the first album in Japanese music history to reach No. 1 on the Oricon chart.

In 2000, he started "Chinju no Mori Concert", an environmental charity appealing for the improvement of the spiritual environment, and held concerts at shrines throughout Japan including Ise Jingu Shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Izumo Taisha Shrine, and Itsukushima Shrine, and established a non-profit organization.

Performed at the High level forum on the culture of peace at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in September 2013. 

He became the first artist in the world to sing and perform at a high-level international conference of the United Nations.

He was born in Hiroshima, and every year on the anniversary of the atomic bombing, he holds a peace concert to spread his message of peacebuilding.






Shinji Harada HP 


NPO Gentle Earth



















まどまぎ ほむら
『私は何度でも繰り返す』これは、親友「まどか」を救うために何度でも時を止めてやり直す「ほむら」の、アニメの中での名言です。 ですが、実存する私達自身が、焔を立て人を攻撃し、追いやって、何になるのでしょう‼ だから『何度でも繰り返す』その過ちを止めなければいけないのです。原田真二さんを応援します。

K Rumana Syeda
I am writing this from the city which survived painful memories and devastation caused by atom bombs. This city stands up for peace and me too!!! Please end the war. Live and let live

Nava Bharath
We have forgotten the tragedies, broken lives and sorrows that wars have caused in the past. Please find a diplomatic solution to this problem and avoid war at all costs.

頭脳が本物の大人で、良心がある正直者なら、全世界の自由と平和と未来と幸せと命の為に核兵器含む全ての戦争の武器を全て放棄します!!! 頭脳が本物の大人で、良心がある正直者なら、全世界の自由と平和と未来と幸せと命を優先に考えます!!!

原田真二さんの曲を最近のテレビドラマで聴いて興味を持ちました。チャリティー活動も精力的に行っている姿をみて私も活力をいただいています。 当たり前の平和に自分も貢献したいです。応援しています。

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